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A dream launched through a gracious gift by a local family and made a reality by arts lovers, the Hilltop Gallery continues to make significant impressions…

Founded in 1968 , the Hilltop Gallery (DBA:  Patrons of the Arts, Inc.) in Nogales, AZ is the only permanent art collection in the region with both exhibit and education activities that join two cultures: U.S. and Mexico.  In cooperation with the Consulates, Chambers of Commerce, and the Piméria Alta Historical Society, our mission as a non-profit group is to bring arts and culture to an underserved community. 

We continuously curate works from the best artists throughout Mexico to hang alongside U.S. artists, delivering a “one-stop” access to the vibrant international arts scene. 

Our dedicated staff and volunteer Board, Patrons of the Arts, Inc., works with both artists and businesses to bring to our communities the best and brightest under one roof.  Our motto is:  CREATIVITY…CULTURE…COMMUNITY.

World-renowned Hugh Cabot, along with Luis Preciado, and Virginia Dickison are just a few of the American artists who have exhibited here. Up-&-comers such as Celine Castro, Abel (“Pato”) Aguilar, Mike and Art Garino, and Alex Jones are just a few of the artists often featured at our shows and events.  

We are also proud to collaborate on specific events with other local institutions and centers such as the Consulate of Mexico, with whom we share special visiting exhibits by Mexican artists.

Uniquely situated and offering panoramic views that rival the art inside, special opening receptions and other art-lovers events also help make the Hilltop a favorite community gathering place. Other local non-profit groups are also welcome to use our facilities for free for their meetings.

Less than 40% of our county’s schools offer arts education todayTo help fill this  gap, we hold year-round art classes for adults and children, including our unique Walk-In Studio, where artists can just drop by and work on any medium.  Our extensive art library is also free for use by artists and community member for inspiration or study.

Janice Johnson is our archivist/historian and organized our library
Janice Johnson is our archivist/historian and organized our extensive art library

 Our summer arts sessions have received wide praise.   We even take our art “outside the walls” with to local schools and art-lending programs for businesses. 

Our new special program, ART BRIDGE, is a crowd-funding pleaser, and helps support our community arts outreach to children, youth, Veterans and seniors.  Get on the ground floor of this unique program here: 

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 As an Arizona 501(c)3 Corporation, we depend on member and community support as well as grants and donations from foundations and corporations Our Corporate Sponsorship programs help our donors communicate their social responsibility. 

Our programs are made possible by our Members and the following organizations:

Hilltop - Donor logos.jpg What our artists and instructors are saying:

“I have been very fortunate to work and collaborate with the Hilltop Gallery…they provide an ideal stage for regional artists like myself.” –Victor Navarro, Tucson

“Hilltop has been the venue for several “one-woman” shows for me, and provided an ideal opportunity for folks in the area to work together.” –Georgia Doubler, Green Valley

“I always enjoy showing at the Hilltop because it is an excellent local forum for local artists. I have been able to show excellent sales of my work.” — George Thomson, Nogales

Catch up on our news, courtesy of the The Nogales International, by clicking here.  Check out some of our local TV coverage here.

Visit us at 730 N. Hilltop Drive, Nogales, AZ.  Follow our  map, below, or call 520-287-5515 for directions

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“Si, hablamos su idioma.”

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