Photo show launches new season

This past Sunday we celebrated the start of our new art season with a photography exhibit featuring the works of well-known local camera buffs Tom Bell and George Thompson, among others. 
 More than 50 guests were counted at the relaxed afternoon event,  many enjoyed catching up with old friends and chatting directly with the artists about their inspiration.  The event was also a success sales-wise, with one guest purchasing ten photos.
 “We were pleasantly surprised at the sales for our first day,” noted Marlene Wade, Board Secretary in charge of the “cash register” on Sunday.  “The works were well-priced and folks were in an appreciative mood.”  Sales commission for exhibiting artists are 70%, with the remaining funding Gallery operations and programs.
A very special thanks to Marlene, Anne Jehle, Janice Johnson, Derwent Suthers and several others who helped with refreshments, organization and hosting.  We could not have done this without our valuable volunteers!
Hilltop 9-19AThe exhibit will continue through September 30th, with Nogalian native Alexis Chiquete’s (left) appearance on Saturday, the 19th.  Alexis is an up-and-coming artist in the tough market of Hollywood, CA, honing her skills at a portrait studio and looking toward the fashion glossies for her future career.

Visit the Gallery Wednesdays through Saturday, 1 to 4 PM to see these the work of these photographers and more,  and stay tuned for our early October Member Show!

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