Fall classes schedule

Gallery artist Janice Johnson and volunteer ready for Fall art classes. The schedule will be announced soon.
Artist and instructor Janice Johnson and volunteers readying for Fall art classes.
Fall/Winter art sessions will begin at the Gallery September 30th funded in part by the Community Foundation for Southern AZ.  The seven-week sessions are as follows:
Anne Jehle's
Anne Jehle’s “Cats” series was very popular at our Members’ show last year. Learn how to draw and paint animals from this pro!
WEDNESDAYS, Open Studio with pro Janice Johnson (drop in and paint) 1-4 PM.  Cost:  $5 per class or $25 pre-paid for 7 classes.   FRIDAYS, 3:30-5 PM:  Back to Basics:  Learn to Sketch & Paint, with local artist (and frequent exhibitor) Anne Jehle.  Cost: $5 per class or $25 pre-paid Ages 8+.   SATURDAYS, 10:30AM-12PM:  Art for Kids, with Janice Johnson,  Ages  4-10Cost: $2 per class or $12 pre-paid.  
Hope to see you here!

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