PREVIEW: November’s featured artist

Our monthly interview series highlights the vision and work of popular local artists and upcoming Hilltop exhibitors.
Hilltop:  Art, you were Mayor of the City of Nogales for several years.  Are you a politician or an artist first, and are the two roles complementary?
 Art:   I was an artist before I became a politician. What is common about both is that they both to hard work,  a lot of thought process and dedication.  Both serve the community:  one through leadership and the other through expression. In addition to mosaics, for which I am most known for, I also paint and draw.  I will be exhibiting  water colors,  pastels and pencil drawings.
H.:  What attracted you to mosaics?
What compels me to this form of art is that it is so intricate; the fact that it takes so many pieces of ceramics to create a masterpiece of expression through shapes and colors.  We recognize that this form of art has existed for 1000s of years.  It was a method used to depict locations, mapping and description of businesses  and persons.
H:  You have developed mosaic projects throughout our community.  Tells us why you did that and what it means to you.
The mosaic streetscape art holds a special place in my heart, as it’s all work done by children ( my students) of all ages from our community. It makes me very happy to have had the opportunity to teach the children and share with others this form of art.  It is very satisfying to help beautify our community and allow others to enjoy the art these children dedicated so much  hard work and time to do.
H:  What do you see the next stage being as far as your development as an artist?
 I will continue to create, design and develop new pieces for everyone to enjoy. I inspire to continue teaching others this form of art and hopefully take my work to other parts of the country or countries.

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