Mosaics…and much more – UPDATE

Mayor Arturo Garino's artistic life after politics
Arturo Garino as Nogales Mayor (Channel 7 News)
UPDATED POST 11-10:  This past Sunday, our reception for artist and former Nogales Mayor Art Garino drew many community friends and admirers, and even some new-to-the-Hilltop visitors from Tubac.
As we posted earlier, Garino has graced our Gallery with his presence, advice and goodwill over the years.  Sunday we also got a chance to meet his extended family from Phoenix and far away.
This exhibit was a true testament to Garino’s superior talent with tiles.  You have to see these large-scale creations  up close to do them justice:  to note the details in the tile cut, the matching grout colors, the light bouncing off them and, in all, the “WOW!” factor.
 In addition to his mainstay mosaics, Garino also exhibited his talent for pointillism, a complex, Post-Impressionist (1800s) technique consisting of tiny dots to create an image, similar to what pixels do today
These photos taken by some of our members (amateurs!) just don’t do this collection justice.  Come see them for yourself before they sell or are taken down on the 30th !

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