Award to Shipley Family Foundation

Hilltop FOMA 15

Last Thursday at a private Board and  members’ reception, The Hilltop gave its Friends Of The Arts (FOTA) award for 2015 to the Shipley Family Foundation for their support of our Gallery and local arts programs.
Gallery president Suthers (left) presented the award to Foundation principal Karen Sykes (née Shipley) and her father, Robert Shipley.
The Hilltop’s FOTA Award is given each year to one local organization that has most supported the Gallery financially and/or through their volunteer efforts.  Mosaic artist and former Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino also presented the Shipleys with a gift of his framed artwork as a special thank you.
Karen commented that her children always used to love coming up to the Gallery to do art on weekends, and she wanted to support this long-standing program. We are very fortunate to have committed community members like the Shipley and other families, and thank them for their generous gifts!

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