Kudos for Christmas

Dear Friends:

Christmas is a time for joy and also to give thanks for another good year.  2015 was one of many exciting new programs and activities, and all will be reviewed  in our Annual Meeting in May. 

For now we want to thank some special people –Board members and volunteers — without whom we could not have made it.  These include, especially (and in no particular order):
JANICE JOHNSON.  Gallery Librarian/Archivist, she is an irrepressible teacher and mentor.  Her experience has set us on the right track several times.
MARLENE WADE.  My “right hand” Vice President & Secretary set up new systems for the Gallery, and always makes sure records are kept…and kept right.
MARCOS CASAREZ.  Enthusiastic and forward-thinking, VP Marcos has also been one of our key benefactors this year.
LANCE LARSON.  Our Treasurer and “tech guru” has been at our beck & call whenever systems don’t work.  He also keeps an eye on our bank balance.
CURTIS KRAUSHAAR.  His knowledge and no-nonsense approach to business, plus talent for negotiating with vendors is a blessing.
VERONICA KRAUSHAAR.  Her marketing expertise helps us make all the right (and loud) noise for attention!
BEV PRAGER.  Tireless volunteer, “chief curator” and enthusiastic teacher, Bev’s artistic eye is always welcomed.
ANNE JEHLE.  Her creative sensibilities and positive approach to art —  and life —  is always refreshing.
ALEX JONES.  Always up for a challenge and generous with his time and money, commuting from Tucson to be with us…plus sending his friends down also.
SUZIE SAINZ.  Perhaps one of our busiest Board members, any time she can be with us, Suzie –and her dear Mom —  always bring good cheer.
TOM BELL.  Our newest Board member has taken up our building and facility maintenance with a vengeance!

To all, and to our valued friends in the community and beyond, very Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016.

Warm “saludos” from your president,


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