Monotype printing workshop

Come March, we jump into spring with a series of new workshops designed to teach specific techniques artists use to produce their work.  The first in the series will be focused on the monotype, considered “the most painterly method among printmaking techniques”.
Tucson artist, board member and popular instructor Alex Jones (above right) will bring his own etching press (above left, with some examples) to demonstrate how participating students can achieve a broader range of nuance and detail in their own prints not always possible with hand techniques.  His workshop is tentatively scheduled now for Saturday and Sunday in May to allow students to finish projects over a weekend.
 “This printing technique does offer students the opportunity to explore the unique, more painterly image quality that results from pulling multiple impressions in registration, either done by hand or off the press.” Alex explains, adding:  “A key objective of this workshop series is to make students more aware of the many ways a graphic image can be composed, and suggest some possible directions for students to channel their efforts that could apply to today’s web-based marketplace.”
Other graphics and digital art classes are also planned as part of this new initiative at the Hilltop to expose upcoming artists to innovative techniques and specific skills-sets to help them succeed commercially.
Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information about this workshop program soon!

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