Southwest photos…with a twist

This Sunday, Frank Cripe unveiled his collection of more than 30 photographs, all handsomely-framed by Hilltop member Bill Medley.  The exhibit was not your “standard” camerawork, although some of the scenes (local) and themes were familiar.  In many cases, a “typical” scene would hang alongside a digitally-enhanced, surreal one.
It’s photography “with a twist”, as some viewers described, via photo-editing.  Frank explained:
“My perspective as a graphic designer and filmmaker is to observe what is “hidden” to most people.  Yes, some of the images may be uncomfortable and disruptive (as in the Jesus crucifixion series) but others are taken from an angle that shows the real beauty and wonder of the subject, like the one of closed poppies against the Tumacacori Mission wall.  This was taken crawling on the ground.
I want my art to grab attention, to communicate a message.  I see a lot of ads, billboards that don’t say much and you pass them by.  I feel my art grabs the viewer, and that is my intention”.
The exhibit runs through the 29th, and well worth a view!

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