Preciado returns…with cars

One of our most popular exhibitors over the years has been Luis Preciado, and we are looking forward to his return next month when he launches a show themed “Art of Autos”.  A lifetime love-affair with cars has led this acclaimed artist and muralist to devote an entire show to them, along with a bonus classic car expo in our own parking lot!
Luis’s highly-graphic, monochromatic style made him a popular poster producer in the 1980s, when he lived and worked in Southern California. They were seen everywhere, it seemed…(you may recall these, per photo above.) Some of his acclaimed murals in around San Diego became a part of the local landscape.
Today, back in his hometown for ten years, his style has evolved into a  softer approach, using colors and more ethereal depictions of animals, ranch scenes and evocative residential trompe d’oeils he does for private customers.  Then, there’s the cars…
Be sure to join us when we welcome back Luis with a reception on April 3 at 1 PM!

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