Prizes of May Winners

This year’s Prizes of May competition filled our two rooms with great art!  The entries were judged blindly by a popular out-of-town artist (to make it impartial as it should be), with cash prizes given to the top three winners in each category. 

We were pleased to have several “first” at this event.  One, we had visitors from the new Museo de Arte de Nogales, the new Museum across the border in our sister city.  They were very interested in working with us toward our goal of expanding art awareness on both sides of the border.
Also, we had entries from students at Cochise College, where we are currently hosting an exhibit by member photographer George Thomson.  It was great to see the competitive enthusiasm from these young artists!
Many kudos to  curator Beverly Prager, Marlene Wade and other volunteers who organized and managed this event, and thanks to our visitors and supporters!  We were thrilled to see a record attendance .
…And the winners are:



1st Place – Denneen Peterson

2nd Place – Jeff Tousley

3rd Place – Denneen Peterson  –

Judge’s Choice – Curtis Kraushaar


1st Place – George Thomson

2nd Place – Frank Cripe

3rd Place – Frank Cripe

Judge’s Choice – Noel Weatherbie

Drawing & Painting

1st Place – Virginia Carroll

2nd Place – Raquel Speasl

3rd Place – Dan Thomas

Judge’s Choice – Rosemary Downey


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