Summer art adventures

It was the summer of love…art love, that is, as June and July were totally dedicated to both on-site and outreach art classes for children. 

It all started in June with a first-ever such partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Nogales.  Headed by local gallery owner/artist Nanette Miranda and Tubac painter Virginia Vovchuk, the classes ran through July and addressed several  drawing, painting and paper-making techniques. 

The classes averaged 12 students each (limited in Club room size), and was noted as a resounding success by participants and instructors alike.  An exhibit of the art pieces was mounted at the entrance to the Club.

 We are thankful for grants from United Way and Santa Cruz Community Foundation that allowed us to collaborate in this exciting new program we hope to repeat next year.

Every July we host art classes sponsored by the City’s Parks & Recreation Department, and this year close to 100 young artists signed up.  We were especially lucky to have teacher/director Jennifer Mireles and her crew of assistants, plus Board member Janice Johnson, keep things humming at the creatively-themed “ARTventurous Summer”. 

The Gallery was buzzing  every weekday, with a closing show of completed works attended by parents and artists on July 28th.

We are indeed fortunate to have the type of local support that allows us to offer innovative programs during the summer vacation that keep our youth occupied and happy (especially the parents!)

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