“Cowboy” ropes in crowds

Miguel Rivera and his mesquite warrior busts


Scott Bell photos
Scott Bell photo
			(More event photos coming soon!)
Last Sunday’s opening reception for our newest exhibit,  Cowboy:  Art in Everyday Life, was evidence that the ranching lifestyle remains very relevant in our region.  At times you could hardly get through the Gallery with the crowd of both real and “weekend” cowboys, their families and friends gathered to view and perhaps purchase a few pieces. 
Among the famed Remington bronzes, the exhibit showcased saddles, tack and plenty of photographs lauding life among the cattle, horses and people of these parts.  A real tribute to the romantic yet rugged Western life, this unique showcase was carefully curated by Janice Johnson, with help from leading exhibitor and famed local photographer/rancher Scott Bell and family.
Other artists featured include:  Carlos Hardaway, Dorothy Murphy, Luis Preciado, Miguel Rivera, and Derwent Suthers, with private collections from the Collier, Escalada and Scholnick families, High Noon Feeds, Oro Blanco Ranch, and ZZ Ranch.
We are very grateful to these families and friends who helped make this opening event a big success for the Hilltop!
Cowboys runs through January 31, Wed through Sat 12-4 PM.