An Important Message to our Member Community

In these uncertain times, we value our community more than ever.  This is especially true with your team up here at the Hilltop! Although we are closed to the public for now, we continue to work “behind the scenes” to bring a smile to you at home.

Currently, we are working with our tech-savvy member artists to bring exhibits and retrospectives to you virtually on YouTube and other popular online venues.  This will be a “first” for the Hilltop, and we are also aiming to be one of the first public arts venue in the County to do this!

The first online exhibit will be for the Plein Air artists scheduled to have opened at the Gallery this weekend.  You can view this exhibit below

This and future online exhibits will include artist information with prices so that viewers can respond directly if they wish to purchase any of the pieces, such as this: PAExhibitHilltopINVENTORY.

Online art sales are trending very high these days, and we are committed to “joining the revolution” and helping our artist members sell more during these difficult times.

We are also looking into possibly launching on-line arts classes involving our favorite Saturday Class teachers and volunteers this summer.

We want to hear from YOU about what you would like to see in the virtual art world in your community!  Comment here or drop us a line at

Check back here soon for more updates about this and also your email for our update e-blasts.

Stay well and be safe!

Derwent A. Suthers, president & the staff at the Hilltop